Behind The Chair Business Boss Starter Kit

To jump start your business behind the chair like a boss, you need four things to get you started: Articles of Organization, a business phone line, business bank account, and a booking system. Once you take the time to add these things to your business from the jump, you will position your business behind the chair for success.

Many people don't start off behind the chair like they are a business, they tend to think they are not and try to operate like a business when things go wrong. For example, I hear many stylist pros complain about clients texting or calling at inappropriate times of the night and day, but yet they don't have a business phone that can help to separate their business and personal life. They even fail to separate their business and personal finances, when it's as simple as opening up a business banking account and allowing all of your business revenue be deposited there and then pay yourself. Beauty pros complain about having to remember their schedules and their client's schedule but yet they won't even pay for a booking system when it cost only around $35 a month.

Here is how you can reduce the complaining and stand up like a boss like you stand up behind the chair:

  1. Articles of Organization. This is where you apply for and file the structure of your business (LLC, Sole Proprietor, Corporation) within your state. You can apply for your business Article of Organization through your Secretary of State website. Type you state name followed by secretary of State in the search engine to find your state’s website. The cost to file is around $100 if you file yourself. You can also chose to have your accountant/business lawyer file for you or give you advice on how to best legally structure your business.

  2. Business Phone Line. While many of us will operate our business on the go, it may not be necessary to start out with a business landline. You can simply use an app that allows you to have a separate phone number for your business but one phone (your personal phone you already have). Here are a few apps to consider: Google Voice (Free), Line 2, Smartline, Sideline, to name a few. Pricing range from FREE to $19.99 a month.

  3. Business Bank Account. To open a business bank account in your business name, you will need proof (Articles of Organization) and your pieces of identification(s). Depending on what bank you choose to open up an account with they may just verify your business Articles of Organization online. Note most business accounts may have a monthly maintenance fee associated with them.

  4. Booking System. Having a booking system helps to automate your online booking process. In today’s time it makes customers feel you are more serious about your business. Most booking systems range from FREE (Square appointments) to $35 a month.


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