Budget Friendly Gift Ideas For Clients

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

There is no better way then saying thank you then giving a thoughtful gift of appreciation.

Being in service industries where you or your business builds direct and personal relationships with the people that you serve, it is important to gift them with a token of appreciation. There are many ways that a business can thank the clients and customers that continue to allow the business to serve them. You can pick one to two holidays out the year or ”just because” days that you want to do gift giving for your clients and customers. Doing them about four to six months apart may be the best. At times I partner with a client that I know has a business that sells products that my clientele would love. Partnering with a client also gives me an opportunity to support my client business and it allows others to try them out and potentially gain new business.

Here are a few ways you can serve a medium to large customer base on a budget of about $150 or less:

Valentine‘s Day is a holiday of choice for me to take the time to share my appreciation for my clients. Pictured below is an example of a set up I did one year, wine, chocolate covered strawberries and pretzel.

Being that I serve mostly women, Mother’s Day is another time of the year where I purchase small, yet thoughtful gifts for my clients. This past mother‘s day I wrote came up with MOM-firmations to remind moms that are great no matter what (see it here.) And I printed them out and gifted them roses with the card. I could’ve just bought store bought cards but being a mom that hear other mom issues a lot I thought it be more heartfelt to gift something that we all experience and reminds the moms we are still great.

Another Mother’s Day I gifted clients body butters with luffa. I crafted these white boxes I found at dollar tree and gave them a little bling. Each gift came with a hand written card.

Christmas time is another time of the year I choose to gift my clients with a token of appreciation. You can gift your clients on a budget just by visiting the seasonal gift section in Walmart, Dollar Tree, or any other store that have gifts at a reasonable cost. Giving everyone a Christmas card with a hand written note is a added bonus.

At Christmas time I’ve gifted: Christmas cookies, hair products, personal size wine, wine glasses, mugs, hair tools. Also I do a raffle drawing at during this time of the year. Any client that renders a service during specific dates are automatically entered into the HAIR-liday raffle.

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