Free Marketing Apps: The Difference Between Canva, PicPlayPost, & PhotoGrid

Previously we shared with you 4 free business tools that you should use for your business. Now we want to break down the difference in the different marketing apps that we shared with you.

But first lets rewind a bit. Canva, PhotoGrid, PicPlayPost are all free video and/or photo creator apps. They are all apps that you can use to help enhance your business content for posting to your social media platforms like: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and more. These apps are great starter apps to have in your business. I currently use Canva the most as I love all of the features it has. I use PhotoGrid when I want to put together a collage or something really fast. I use PicPlayPost when I want to enhance a video post and add music to it.

The differences:

PhotoGrid is more of a grid or collage style app that allows you to add photos and/or videos to collages. With the app you can also add graphics on the collage like stickers & text. You can also change the filters, add text bubbles and more. This app gives you the capability to silence videos that may have background noise in it as well.

PicPlayPost is a video creating app. It allows you to create videos with prerecorded video footage, you can mix video and pictures to create a video, or you can create a video out of pictures only. The cool thing about this app is that you can add music to your videos, text, voice overs. You can also increase or slow the speed in which the video plays. You can even have the video played in reverse. The free version of the app only allows for up to 2 minutes of video and it limits how many songs and voice overs you can do per 2 minute video. With the paid version it unlocks so much more magic for you.

Canva is like your one stop marketing shop app. It's pretty user friendly and can be used from your mobile device or a laptop or desktop.

Canva helps to create limitless possibilities in the marketing images, animations, presentations, that you create, it's just all up to your imagination and how well you learn to take advantage of the tools that Canva offers. In Canva you can create e-book covers, book covers, CD covers, Power Point presentation slides, YouTube art, info graphics, you name it, you can create it and even print it in canva. Canva have a free and paid version of the app. Get the most out of Canva when using it from a desktop or laptop and logging into What you create in Canva when using from your laptop or desktop, it will port over into your mobile application so you can easily retrieve the marketing image or video you created from the mobile app and download it to your mobile device.

Have you tried any of these marketing tools? Which one is your favorite? What apps do you use?

Let us know in the comments.


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