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Fuel Your Body

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Fuel your body with this heart, healthy homemade LENTIL soup.

I got my Lentil Soup inspiration from a client a few months ago I made it then but I decided to give it another try. This recipe I found on Pinterest but of course I didn’t follow it completely but here’s the link to the soup

Lentil Soup Shan Way:

🥣2 cups lentils (green)

🥣1 cup chopped baby carrots

🥣1 celery stalk

🥣1/4 cup red onions

🥣2 tbsp minced garlic

🥣1/2 tsp cumin

🥣1 tsp black pepper

🥣1 tsp salt 

🥣1tbsp parsley

🥣1 1/2 tsp paprika 

🥣2 tsp basil

🥣splash of lemon juice

🥣splash of olive oil

🥣6 cups vegetable stock 

Cheers to eating well!!!

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