Groupon & Business: Retaining Your Groupon Customers

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” ~ Walt Disney

The key to retaining customers is how well you serve and treat them followed by the quality of work in which you provide.

People want to be treated right first mainly because we as people have an emotional attachment to our money. We worry about quality second because depending on the value in which we pay for a service or product we have different expectations for the type of quality level but our level of customer service remains the same either way. So whether the value of the product or service change, high end or low end, as a consumer, we expect to be treated well when spending our money to buy things we need or want.

Therefore , as a business, when you decide to utilize Groupon to help grow your business you should treat ALL customers as if they were paying regular prices for your service or product.

It has been times where I have heard other hair stylist and other Groupon merchants treat their Groupon customers different due to them not paying full price for their service or product. Merchants sometimes lower their customer service experience (bad idea) for Grouponers because of their Groupon-merchant pay agreement. (See article How Groupon Pays You). As a business when you decide to partner with Groupon to grow your business, it's the business job to create an experience for the customer that will make them want to come back to your business again and pay full price.

Lets stand in the customer's shoes for a moment, if you were a consumer looking to try a new brand or service and you could try it at a fair and discounted rate, wouldn't you be more willing to try the service or brand? Yes, of course. Would you want the customer service standards to decline because of the price you paid for a brand or product? Heck no. The same is true for Groupon users who decide to give your business a try. So once a consumer pursues your brand you must make every effort to make them comfortable and welcome the to your business.

Remember to treat all patrons of your business with the same level of service consistently is what will keep them returning time after time and tell their friends and family about your business.


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