Groupon & Business: The Basics

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Starting a business and building a business is not an easy task even when you have this “well thought out” business plan to back your dream business objectives. Truth is, no person truly knows the direction their business will go, how much products sales they will do, nor the target market that their business will actually serve.

A start up business plan, simply explained, is your dream well defined on paper. It’s objectives not actual and factual information about your business because your business has not fully taken fleet yet. When your business begin to operate then you will be able to have a better idea and factual information on where your company has been and a more clear idea on where you want it to go.

Having documented background information on your company may reveal some business successes and areas of improvement. Speaking from a beauty professional‘s standpoint of someone that operates as a booth renter, many typically struggle in the advertising and marketing area. Lacking skills or the proper resources in these area can leave your chair empty and the beauty pro feeling defeated. Because many booth renters don’t have the resources to pay for a market and advertisement firm to build a successful ad campaign and to market it for them. So what do they do? How can they afford to pay for a brand marketer if their business is already struggling? One word, GROUPON!

Groupon was the route I took when I found my business in the very space I described above. I struggled with the same thoughts. I struggled with the same pain in building my business clientele behind the chair. I struggled with wanting to opt for other options but my financial resources wouldn’t allow me to front money to pay a brand marketer. So, fighting and screaming, even disappointed in myself and where my business was, I went with where the largest coupon of things to try in life was, Groupon and Living Social.

After creating my first round of Groupon campaigns, I didn’t really know what I was doing or which services to offer that potential prospects would want. But the Groupon team was helpful in giving examples of what services were offered on their platform in my area. See, Groupon wants you to be successful, because when your campaign is successful that makes them successful. That’s a WIN! WIN!

Once the campaign is confirmed, Groupon launches the campaign and market and advertise it to its large platform of members. Not only do they advertise it to members, but all over the internet prospects may see Groupon ads pop up while they are surfing social media, google, emails, etc. This gives you a better chance to be seen as a business, all without paying any upfront cost for marketing and advertising.

So I ask, is Groupon the way to go to build your business?

What are your thought? Have you tried Groupon before?

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