Groupon & Business: Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Are you struggling with your marketing advertisement for your beauty business? Are the lack of marketing and advertisement skills or having the proper resources in these area leaving your chair empty and you feeling defeated. I was once in this place and Groupon is the most cost effective route I took to help build my beauty business.

As a newbie to being a Groupon merchant provider, there were some things that I learned about how to best maximize on my Groupon campaign.

When building your Groupon campaign, Groupon typically wants you to offer at least three Groupon options for potential clients or customers. So in thinking of what services that you would like to provide as a part of your campaign here are some dos and don’ts to follow.


Offer at least one service that you are good at and want your brand to be known for.

This will give you the opportunity to capture many photos of new people walking around with your work. These new clients are now your walking billboards. This also helps to build your reputation within your community for what you are great at. Eventually your Groupon clients will start spreading the word to their family, friends, and strangers who inquire about their hair. And your chair will begin to build from there.

Offer at least one service that you would like to improve your skill on.

When you offer a service for something that you aren’t great at but that you like to get better in typically when a client visit you for the first time they don’t know if you are a good, great, or not at what you do. All you have to do is provide the confidence in the service and deliver your very best. With this service and any service your customer service should be top notch which will ultimately help bring the client back for another visit whether you feel you did your best or not. People are typically more forgiving when the prices are discounted because their expectations typically aren’t as high. (This doesn’t mean to do a horrible job on purpose.)

Offer simple services.

Overall offer a simple service such as a shampoo style and deep conditioning. A simple service is something that wouldn’t take you too long to do or take extra product to perform the service. With the service has being discounted you don’t want to feel overworked and under paid, even though you will be initially. But , the goal is to get the clients in your chair, provide phenomenal service, and have them back as a regular paying client.


Don’t offer or limit how you offer any chemical services.

If you offer a chemical service for your campaign, you will find very quickly that you will be in the whole as far as the cost of product and the time it takes to perform the service based on the income that will earn from your Groupon ad. If you want to offer the chemical service such as a color or a relaxer offer this service as an add on service after you consult with the client prior to their Groupon appointment.

Also you could limit how you offer a color service within your campaign by adding the option for a semi gloss or a tint color service. But keep it very simple and remember the cost that it will take to serve the client and the money that you definitely will lose if you offer it to your Groupon campaign.

Don’t offer or limit how you offer any hair extension services.

The same rules applies to offering hair extension services as a Groupon campaign. You have to be very thorough and careful at how you offer this service within the campaign so that you as a business don’t lose out on too much potential earn income. It’s better to offer this service to the client, if necessary once you have them in your chair and consult with them before their Groupon appointment.

Now let you know the dos and don’ts of building your Groupon campaign it is certainly beneficial to those who are looking to build and boost their business. The cool thing about Groupon is once you build a campaign and your campaign is launched, Groupon takes control from there. How successful or unsuccessful your campaign is depends on you as a professional and what you put out there as far as your campaign and the type of work that you produce for the clients that you are able to see.

My personal experience with Groupon was pretty successful and I still have several of my clients from my Groupon as they are still with me today four years later. So if you asked wasn’t worth it for me, I’d say heck yes.

Photo credit: Groupon logo

Photo: TheShantasticHairLife


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