Hundred Dollar Beauty Business Starter Kit

Are you a beauty professional works behind the chair as a booth renter or commission stylist that is ready to have your business aspect of your business in order? Not sure of what you need to get started to run your business behind the chair the right way? Check out our Behind the Chair Business Starter Kit:

  1. Articles of Organization - This is where you file your business structure to your states' secretary of state website. You can file your business as a sole proprietor, LLC, Corporation, etc. (See your secretary of state site for details. See an accountant for information on how to best structure your business. $100 filing for Georgia)

  2. EIN Number - An EIN Number is an employer identification number. It's like a social security number for your business. This number can be obtained from You can apply online. (See a business tax accountant for assistance on this information as it will determine your business tax filing structure.)

  3. Business Phone Line - There are many apps that you can find in the app store for iPhone or android users to obtain a second phone number without having a second phone. Google voice offers a free version and a paid version for a phone. Get more details about Google voice.

  4. Business Bank Account - Once you obtain your Articles of Organization and an EIN for your business, all you need is your ID and you can obtain a business bank account.

  5. Booking System - The simple yet powerful tool helps take some of the admin work out of your hand and put your bookings and email reminders on automation. Square appointments offer FREE online booking systems, you just pay for processing credit card transactions. Learn more about Square Appointments and get free processing fees.

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