Let My Client Go Too Long For Braidless Maintenance

Whew...this one I let go too long for her Braidless Microlink maintenance. Due to my client‘s busy schedule with med school and studying I opted to let her go beyond my standard braidless maintenance timeframe!!! Because she went longer than normal, she had about 2” of new growth.

You may be wondering why I let her go this long even with her busy schedule? Would this damage her hair? What happened? So here’s the deal. This client in particular faithfully comes to see me once every two weeks. During the shampoo maintenance process while wearing installs I ensure that I monitor how well the extensions has been taken care of between salon visits. At this time, I also take note of any issues with at home hair care and I address the client to help them better take care of the install. If I constantly see between maintenance issues, I will inform the client that, that particular extension install might night fit their lifestyle.

For the past five pluse years I’ve built a relationship with this client, her hair, and I know her home maintenance. She’s very careful with her hair and I knew I could trust her to not break her hair as we stretched out her maintenance day, for a day that better fit her busy schedule. You see, if this were a new client, or someone who I haven’t served for a year or more while wearing extensions I couldn’t trust them with such a task.

Allowing your retightening maintenance to go too far is risky and here is why.

See video here.

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