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No-Braid Sew-in...?

Braidless Sew-in

Have you heard about the braidless sew-in weave? Does that ring a bell? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't but if you haven't heard about the braidless sew-in before now let me let you in on a few things about this no-braid sew-in weaving technique.

It's nothing new to me but now clients are going crazy over this technique!!! Because they are ready to toss out the braids and try something new that allows their scalp to be more free. Great thing about the braidless sew-in weave is that YOUR SCALP CAN BREATHE WHICH GIVES YOU A BETTER CHANCE TO CARE FOR OWN HAIR AND SCALP‼️ THIS TECHNIQUE IS NOT A PROTECTIVE STYLE , MORE OF AN ENHANCEMENT or an ADDITION TO YOUR HAIR. It's also A LIFESTYLE, a lifestyle that caters to helping you learn to care for your hair and learn to maintain it while giving you the fullness, length, or color your natural hair lacks.

The benefits:

Scalp is more free

No braids required

Easy maintenance

Longer wear

Lays flat

Adds fullness, length, or color

and more

Why people love the no braid technique?

Main reasons is the idea of your scalp being able to breathe verses wearing a traditional sew-in. Also this technique gives the illusion of naturally, fuller looking hair, versatility, and it can be retigthened for longer wear.

***Other names you may hear in reference to the braidless sew-in weave: Malaysian weave, microlinks or microbeads, No-braid sew-in. Also depending on the stylist performing the service the technique may vary. Be sure to consult with the stylist for best understanding of the service in which they will be providing for you.


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