Overcoming Social Media Distractions

Although social media is a great way to keep up with family, friends, and trends, social media has also become a large distraction for almost everyone. No matter where you go or who you are with there is at least one person on their social media either: posting, taking selfies, watching videos, or just scrolling. To help you get back to REAL LIFE and your goals here are 8 tips to help you overcome social media distraction.

1. Mind Your Business

We mean this figuratively and literally. If we spend more time minding the business we need to take care of, we can get so much further.

2. Be intentional on how you spend your time on social media.

The way we drive intentions in life is by goal setting. So you can do the same when being on social media and set goals like:

1. To find 3 businesses to reach out to for collaboration.

2. To drive 3 new customers or clients to my website today, this week, this month.

3. To post engaging content.

After you intentionally reach your goal for being on social media then you can go out to play.

3. Unfollow people that don’t add value to your life.

This goes for people in your personal life, work life, social media life. These people may be just a leaf in your life and not the root to your tree. Release them this season, unfollow, unfriend, but don’t continue to allow them to devalue you.

4. Stop allowing the number of following people have dectate if they add value to your life or not.

In the world of numbers and social media, many people tend to overlook people on social media and see those less valuable if their following count is low. Followers make you popular on social media but it doesn’t determine value. The two don’t always have direct relation one to the other.

5. Spend time offline.

Simply spend some quality time tending to your own business off of social media...PERIOD!

See how much you can accomplish by doing this.

6. Turn off social media notifications.

Anything that keeps you distracted TURN IT OFF! Take the time and set your social media, emails, and text messaging to the OFF SWITCH! Set a specific time of the day that you will check these things and only check them then.

7. Work on yourself.

Find out what it is you want to work on for YOURSELF. Is it your eating habits? Reading a book? Exercising? But take time to work on you.

8. Monitor your time spent on social media.

With the new upgraded Screen Time setting on iPhones you can monitor your screen time on different apps and even set screen time app limits to help limit the time you spend on certain apps.

To do this go to your iPhone Settings click on Screen Time and get to setting those limits.