Save $1,000 First Six Months of 2020

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I stopped making excuses about saving money when I realized I would spend about $13/day 5 days a week ($65/week) getting food out because I wasn’t prepared! Instead I could’ve prepped my lunch for 5 days a week and maybe spend $30 instead of $65.

Short term we don’t always look at this as a large amount of money but let’s break it down to see the long term effects of eating lunch it out.

Eating Out vs Packing Lunch

In one (1) week of eating out you spend $65 verses $30 to pack your lunch. The difference of $35 which you could save in a week.

In four (4) weeks you have now spent $260 eating out vs $120 by simply packing a lunch The difference of $140 that you could save in 4 weeks.

By 26 weeks(6 months) you have spent $1,690 eating out verses $780 packing your lunch. The difference of $910 that you could save in 6 months if you don’t eat out.

See we can do anything when we stop making excuses as to why we can’t do them. I challenge you to take this weekend to gain ideas on what you can pack for lunch and see how much money you can save. Then go grocery shopping and prep your lunch. And actually eat what you pack.

Also look at your bank statement first and see how much money you really have been spending eating’s a really EYE OPENER. Scary even. Alternative to packing your lunch is to take out only a SPECIFIC amount of CASH that you will ONLY SPEND to purchase lunch for the week and STICK TO THAT. So pick your restaurants wisely because you won’t be able to get more money for lunch for the week. So if you take out $40 for the week you have about $8 for lunch per day (based on a 5 day workweek.

Who’s up for this #packyourlunchandsave challenge? Lets chat.


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