Square Introduce New Text Message Marketing

Can you text me? Square marketing has integrated a new text message marketing program.

This is big news for the POS giant, to roll out a separate text message marketing program that allows businesses to take more control over how they can reach and interact with their customers or potential customers. If you are in the beauty industry or uses Square's Appointments you may think, I thought they already had text message marketing. If you use Square Loyalty Program you may assume the same too.

Although, square allowed some form of text messaging integrations with it's appointment and loyalty program, you didn't have much control over what you could send to clients or customers via text. With the appointment system it only allows for text automation to alert clients of cancellation, appointment confirmations, or reschedules. With the loyalty program the text messaging is limited to alerting loyalty members about their points, redeeming rewards, etc.

With the all new Square Text Marketing you will be issued your very own ten digit telephone number for people to text to opt into your company's text marketing program. You can customize messages, send out coupons, give updates, and more. The cool part about square text marketing is you are only charged based on when you send messages. No monthly recurring fees.

Visit square text message details. Sign up with square and get free processing here.

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