TEXT ONLY Policy Is Causing You To Lose Clients

Don’t call⁣! Don’t text⁣! Don’t DM (direct message) me! Click link in my bio to leave a deposit...then I’ll text you that your appointment is confirmed.

These are some examples of the text that I see displayed on some of my beauty friends social media bios or on their timelines. It’s really tacky for business in my opinion and looking at it from a customer’s perspective the person just appears to seem uninviting. Which is not someone I personally would want to provide my beauty needs.

It‘s like sis/bro like for real? I got a question first though!⁣

Your site ain’t clear on how to book though.⁣

Your site not even working right now!⁣

Your site got bad descriptions or descriptions on your service at all. ⁣

This is how my beauty peers act online but you say you want clients. How you say you want clients and you don’t even want to even text them or reply back to an email/DM? ⁣

Check out the video on why this approach may be killing your business.


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