The Power of Email Marketing

So, you think social media marketing is important to your business, but have you explored the power of email marketing?

Effective email marketing builds your brand’s rapport with its customers and potential customers. It helps your brand link directly to customers that have interest in what your brand has to offer. It’s also a great tool to use to stay connected to your loyal customer base. The goal through email marketing is to keep both customers (potential or current) interested in your brand and to turn potential customers into buyers.

With my booking email marketing tool it makes it easy for me to stay in touch with my clients. At first, I didn’t understand the importance of email marketing and business, but once I began to utilize StyleSeat’s email marketing tool to stay connected with clients, I begin to understand its power. Email marketing has provided a way for me to; to build rapport with clients, keep client’s informed about what’s going on in the salon, offer beauty tips and tricks beyond the salon, and so much more.

With my creative email marketing strategies, often times I get lots of good feedback from clients about my brand’s personal touch to email and the way they love how I use this tool to stay connected and keep them informed. Now that my brand has connected to its clients in such a way through email marketing we have an average email open rate of about 30%. If you follow these guidelines, you too will begin to witness the power of email marketing for your brand. As you inform and connect your bottom line will begin to increase and clients who you haven’t seen in your salon in a while will continue to refer you and your services/products to others.

Key components to getting your email opened.

Catchy Title: Having a catchy title is what grabs your reader’s attention. The title is the trigger to getting customers to hit the click button to open your brand’s email.

Leading Sentence: The leading sentence is the sentence you use to summarize what your email is about. This sentence is just as important as the title of the email because this sentence and title of the email is what is seen in the preview window from the email platform and from your customer’s smart devices like their smart phones or tablets. This sentence is displayed in the preview window that pops up in the notifications of smart devices and will determine if your customer will decide to open your email, keep it closed, or simply delete it.

Example of Good Catchy Title Email:

1. Title: My Gift to you…Will you be my Shanlentine?

Leading Sentence: It’s February and love is in the hair…

Open Rate: 32%

2. Title: Thank you soooo much

Leading Sentence: You made my day…

Open Rate: 44%

3. Title: Crazy Substitute Teacher Almost Ruined IT!!!

Leading Sentence: Thank goodness school is out..

Open Rate: 46%

Rules to emailing.

Keep it short and easy to read: Got the customer to open your email? Keep it short, because nobody has time to read lengthy emails these days. With the fastced-paced world we live in customers want information, but they want it FAST. Keep your emails around one to two paragraphs with no more than three to four sentences each. Chose an easy toto ready email template that will be easy for your customers to navigate through.

Don’t email to sale: Salesy emails initially grab customer’s attention but when they aren’t ready to buy they aren’t ready to buy. Therefore, a salesy email open rate will likely decline over time even leading to the customer unsubscribing to your brand’s email marketing. The key to keeping your email list is by using your email platform to inform and update your customers on what’s going on within your brand.

Based on your brand offer customers tips that they can use, share brand updates and events, and other community events. Be creative with your email marketing, set your brand apart by doing more than just trying to sale through email because enough brands are already doing that. When a customer is ready to buy, they will buy. What leads people to buying is information and feeling like they have a relationship with a brand rather than them feeling pushed to buy through YET another salesy email campaign.

I learned that using emails with titles like, “Last Minute Appointments or Openings Today” more salesy titles, went overlooked and unopened verses emails with titles like “Did you see this transformation?”. With a transformation email you can do two things; throw in your best transformation photo of your client’s hair which will probably get your readers to want to make a change which may lead them to book an appointment and two you can let them know in the email that you have last minute appointments for the day.

Example of Salesy Email Titles verses Catchy Email Title:

1. Title 1: My Gift to you…Will you be my Shanlentine? vs.

Title 2: Happy Valentine’s Day?

Open Rate:

Title 1, 32% open rate verses

Title 2, 13% open rate

Stay In Your Customer inbox: You want to stay before your customer by dropping in their email box not every day, but at least every two weeks. Truth is the average email account receives hundreds of emails a day and your brand emails will become “just another email” that may go overlooked or into the junk mail. So, stop in your customer’s email box just enough times so that when they see your company name pop up they will be eager to see what’s going on with your brand.


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