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Sleepers by Shan was birth due to the founder's personal troubles with keeping her daughter's hair bonnets on at night and the result of her daughter's hair was dry, brittle hair that eventually broke off. Frustrated with the poorly constructed bonnets on the market, Shan took matters into her own hands. Shan created a hair bonnet that didn't hop away at night, so she created sleepers! She wanted to bring about better quality overnight hair wraps that keep while you sleep.


In developing our sleepers we kept in mind that all head sizes aren't created equal nor all hair sizes (density) and lengths. We have something for the entire family.

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Sleepers by Shan is your new favorite hair buddies. They were made with the sleeper and the hair in mind. Our sleepers are made in the U.S.A. with our fabric being carefully selected to deliver the most fashionable and quality fabric for your hair needs. 

We didn't reinvent the bonnet we just reinvented the way 

"they keep while you sleep".

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