4 Free Business Tools You Should Use

Updated: Jul 17, 2020


A great way to get you started in running a successful business is by being able to cut cost any way you can without cutting out the quality. With so many apps and tools out there you and knowing how to be resourceful, you can save on scheduling systems, marketing tools and a second phone for your business.

Here are 4 (four) apps that I use in my business that are FREE & user friendly to use:

Google Voice (FREE PHONE APP) - is an app that you can download and use to have a second phone line without having to have a second phone payment. The personal use version is totally free and all you need to do to set it up is download the app and connect it to your gmail email account.

Square Appointments (FREE SCHEDULING APP) - is a scheduling app that you can use to keep track of your appointments. It can be used in any industry that needs an appointment scheduler for their business. This app is totally free if it is setup for one individual and you only pay for the credit card processing fees as transactions are processed. The other cool thing about square appointments is that it is a great record keeper for your business, you can market using email marketing, and so much more. Get it here and earn free processing fees.

Canva, PhotoGrid, PicPlayPost (Free Photo/Video Creator Apps) - are all apps that you can use to help enhance your business content for posting to your social media platforms like: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and more. These apps are great starter apps to have in your business. I currently use Canva the most as I love all of the features it has. I use PhotoGrid when I want to put together a collage or something really fast. I use PicPlayPost when I want to enhance a video post and add music to it.

Marketing (Free ways to market) - there shouldn't be any reason why someone isn't marketing and promoting their business, whether small or large. You can market your business for free using social media, email marketing (comes with scheduling apps), YouTube, barter services, and the infamous word of mouth.


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