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A scalp bump could be more

cyst removal from the scalp

Months back, my daughter alerted me about a bump she felt on her scalp. When I first learned of it, it felt small. I kept my eye out for it and kept mental notes of the size. I actually thought it might had been an ingrown hair and it would eventually burst but hat never happened.

On a trip to her dermatologist I had them investigate the bump and she informed us it was a cyst. She also shared that the possibilities of it growing and making matters worse. After being informed, I had planned to get the cyst removed right away, but I put it off. During that time of me putting it off, I could tell the area had grew a bit. Because it grew, when I rubbed across my daughter's scalp she started to feel minor irritation when it was touched.

Fast forward to yesterday, we had the cyst removed. My baby did so well, she didn’t flinch, scream or cry at all the needle sticks, the stitching up the area or any of that. The nurse allowed us to see the cyst and my husband described it as looking like a small pearl. 

If you notice an area on your scalp that wasn’t there before PLEASE GO SEE ABOUT IT! What you think may be a harmless bump could be more. Alert your doctor or dermatologist. Just don't ignore it.

Note: this is not an attempt to diagnose any scalp bump or scalp related issues. See a health care professional.


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Ohhhh wow!! I’m glad you all caught it and paid attention to it. Glad she’s doing well.

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