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Braidless Sewin 101 - Interview

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Shanitra, Shan...I've been doing hair for over ten years and I kind of dabbled into extensions because I really just like the transformation that it gave to women, the instant transformation. That always kind of excited me so I spent a lot of my years in doing hair learning everything about it. I don't only offer the braidless sewin technique but I also do the tape-in extensions, microbeads/links or strand by strand extensions.

Q: Whats the difference between the braidless sew-in and the microlinks?

A: Microlinks is basically used with strand by strand hair. And with the braidless sew-in you still use your typical weft hair extensions.

Q: Is this new?

A: The braidless sew-in isn't a new technique. It's actually a technique that I've been doing for over five years now is when I learned it. Even prior to me learning it, it was out in the world but it wasn't really popular at the time.

Watch video for full FAQ on the Braidless Weaving Method.


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