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DIY Crab Gummies

Having an under the sea or mermaid themed birthday party? Looking for inspiration on how to make your kids' party stand out?

I was in the same boat a few months ago when I had a Mermaids In the City birthday party for my daughter's seventh birthday. I was inspired to do a mermaid party because prior to her birthday all she talked about was mermaids, being a mermaid, and she watched mermaids TV shows all the time. The in the city party derived from us spending the night out at Atlanta Station over a year ago and I promised her that I would take her back to the city to hang out but...I hadn't got around to it just yet. So for her birthday I put the two together and came up with Zermaids (Mermaids) In the City.

Once I decided on a theme for her, the party planning began. Like most people I turned to Pinterest for ideas and how to's. Of course I found tons of great ideas and I wanted to use them all lol, but that wouldn't be a good idea and most of the food and fun stuff would just go to waste and end up being a waste of money and time. When I finally narrowed down my search I decided to go with: Octopus Hotdogs, Crab Sandwiches, Starfish shaped pizza, Crab gummies and a few other things.

On to the fun stuff, here is what you will need to make your crab gummies...

For the Crab gummies

  1. Toothpicks

  2. Coastal Bay Connection Peach Rings gummies (cut in halves you will use this for the claws)

  3. Coastal Bay Connection Orange Slice gummies

  4. Craft eyeballs

  5. Shortbread or butter cookies (will use to create the sand)


  1. Using a hot glue gun, glue the eyeballs to the toothpicks and let dry completely.

  2. While the toothpicks are drying you can cut the peach rings into halves and stick a toothpick through each half. Ensure that you stick the rings so that the hands will face each other once you have assembled the crab.

  3. Once done with assembling the crab hands stick one hand in each side of the orange slice gummies.

  4. Next, after they have dried, insert two eyeballs into the orange slice gummies to complete your crab gummies.

  5. Finally take your butter or shortbread cookies place in a blender to blend until there are no big chunks. Place your cookie sand in the container of choice and stick your crabs in the sand.

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