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Rod Set as a Protective Style

When you think of protective hairstyles what typically comes to mind? Braids, weaves, or wigs maybe?

In today's hair styling market, extensions and weaves play a big roll in protective hair styling choices. Why, because many women are looking for ways to help ease their busy lifestyle all while trying to maintain their appearance. People tend to think of them as the only way to protect their manes. But what about the styles we did when hair was just hair?

Back in the day, they wasn't called "protective styles" but they actually were. Roller or rod sets, finger waves hairstyles, french rolls, and other different pin up hairstyles are a few styles that I remember that would leave your hair unbothered and growing. Another thing I recall in wearing these types of hairstyles is that people would still visit the hair salon more frequently like on a weekly basis or at least every two weeks. Nowadays people don't visit the salon as often mostly because they say it's their busy schedules and some fear long salon waits, and ain't nobody got time for that. But the problem with today's "protective styles" when it comes to braids, weaves, wigs, etc most people lack cleansing their hair and scalp properly. To top that, they wear "protective styles" beyond their expiration dates which all could lead to temporary or permanent hair loss.


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