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Save Your Hair With These Tips

Whether your hair is chemical free or relaxed you can follow the same bedtime hair care regime if your hair is in a straighter state. For your natural/relaxed hair:
•To maintain a straight sleek look, wrap hair at night secure with satin scarf . Be sure to secure your hair with a scarf and shower cap before showering.
•Need some added volume? Before wrapping your hair to add volume add in a few rollers on top of your head then wrap remaining hair like normal and secure with a satin scarf.
•Remember to never shower or sleep without securing your tresses first. 
Video: How to wrap your hair. 

Natural hair gone wild for the day? Don't add extra heat simply grab your brush to brush your strands. Brush your hair really well to help tame the strands again, then wrap your hair as smooth as possible and secure with with your scarf. When you remove your scarf in the morning your strands will look tamed again. If you have an outing to attend sit under a hooded dryer on medium to low heat for about 15-20 minutes. Allow your hair to cool for about five minutes then comb your hair down and your hair should be back in business. 

Swimming with a weave with leave out? The best thing to do is to pull your hair up into a high ponytail or bun, wear a textured look -plait or braid hair at night braiding the leave-out into the extensions, or just wear a cute messy braid look. Just like your natural hair may tangle in different water environments so can your hair extensions. Keeping the hair in a bun or a braided look will help prevent possible tangling issues later. It will also keep you from worrying if your extensions and leave-out look blended while you enjoy water activities.


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