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3 Easy Steps to Blending Curly Extensions

Whether you got curly hair summer goals or curly hair is the goal and you want to add hair extensions your natural curly hair but you are afraid of blending woos!

When adding extensions, there are a few blending tips that will help make blending easier. The most important tip is to opt for extensions that closely matches your hair. And I mean REALLY matches it. Do not go for the extensions that you “like” that you think will work, go with the extensions that you know looks closest to your own hair. This is the only way to help ensure the best blending results of blending your natural curly hair with your matched hair extensions.

When blending extremely curly hair with your curly extensions follow these steps after the hair has been properly cleansed and conditioned.

On wet hair...

1. Apply a mousse or foam wrap to your leave out.

2. Finger comb it through the hair.

3. Using a cool dryer setting, slightly stretch the hair out while following it with the dryer to help keep your natural hair elongated and blended with the extensions.

Here is to your best extensions and natural hair blending.


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