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3 Mistakes New Braidless Wearers Make

Worn weaves and wigs for some time? Ready to feel your own hair and scalp again? Are you ready to drop the wigs and weaves?

A person that has worn weaves like: sew-in, glue-ins, or wigs for a consistent length of time, typically will go through a transitional period when they switch to braidless extension methods. The transitional period typically consists of them relearning how to deal with their own hair. This is in regards to: how to properly care for their own hair, relearning how their real hair behaves, what products work best, or how to detangle their hair properly.

Here are three common mistakes I find with new braidless extension wearers:

  1. Because braidless extension install method looks so natural, the wearer typically think its their own hair. The problem with this for those who are transitioning from consistent weave (sew-ins/glue-ins) or wig wear, they are used to having little to none of their own hair out. This means that this person is used to handling their extensions and not their own hair.

  2. Forget their hair is left in between. When people who are used to wearing weaves and wigs transition from weaves and wigs to braidless extensions, they have to relearn that their real hair is delicate and needs to be treated properly. The rough handling of their hair have to end in order to see good results with their real hair.

  3. Overuse heat tools and damage their hair and extensions. Picking up a curling or flat iron every time you turn around is not good. Heat should not be applied to the hair more than once a week. Excessive heat use will definitely damage your hair and your hair extensions. They both will begin to become dry and brittle and eventually break off.

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