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3 Reasons Your Silk Press Don't Last

Here are 3 reasons why your natural hair silk press may not be lasting.

1. You don't have regular salon visits, once every 2 - 3 weeks. Your hair is craving some regular TLC that you may not be capable of giving it. You may be using the wrong products on your hair at home and need to find better ones for your hair.

2. You need to get regular deep hydration treatments until the moisture retention in your hair improves. Your hair is on the drier side, not just visibly, but it has the behavior of dry hair: brittle, breaking, appears to "suck up product". Hair with good moisture retention tends to have more luster, shine, and elasticity (ability to stretch without breaking).

3. You don't have a Sleepers By Shan to protect your hair moisture at night or while you may be lounging around the house during the day. The moisture you are able to get, you want to try to keep it. Having a satin scarf or bonnet is a good way to help keep moisture in the hair. It is also a good idea to cover the hair while in the shower or bath.

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