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A Mermazing SHELLabration

"Mommy I'm a mermaid don't get water on me. Mommy I want a sleepover. Mommy I want to go to the city. Mommy I want a party for my birthday, no wait I want to fly on a plane and go on a cruise." These are all the things I've been hearing for the past few months and me being me, I was definitely slow to make them happen. And I don't like to make promises that I can't keep. So I never said yes or no to any of them.

As her birthday was approaching I remembered all her little heart's desire and I tried to incorporate them into giving her a great birthday party. Although a few weeks back she completely switched her sleepover birthday wish on me to a cruise and a plane trip (which I managed to get the plane ride in) but a cruise...???

Once I came up with an idea, location, and theme for the party, the party planning began. It took about two to three weeks of searching various sources like amazon, Walmart, Pinterest, Party City, etc to gather ideas, compare pricing and more. But due to such a short turn around, I had to narrow my search fast and not continue to search for ideas so that I wouldn't overwhelm myself and try to do them all lol. With my sister's help I was able to bring everything together for my little Zermaid.


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