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Braidless: 5 Rules Before Going Swimming

Got Braidless or Microlink Summer hair goals? Not so sure if your install of choice can fit your Summer lifestyle? Wondering if you can swim with your Braidless or Microlinks???

Ummm yeah you can! The install itself is not the problem as it is no glue or adhesives involved during the install process. So not too many worries on if your extensions will slip out. The problem that one may face will come mainly from not adhering to the care instructions of the extensions as outlined by the manufacturer or the seller.

Let me caution you of this, if you are experiencing excess shedding or tangling from your extensions prior to enjoying your life in the pool or the beach, this is an indication that you may not want to wear those extensions in chlorine or salt water. If you do, the tangling will more than likely get worse. If you are wearing the Braidless or Microlink technique, you definitely don’t want to risk swimming in the pool or beach with extensions that are having these types of issues. Why, because with the Braidless and Microlink method your hair is blended through the install. If the weave gets tangled or matted after swimming in them, you are more prone to having your own hair entangled with the extensions and may cause a matting mess that includes your natural hair. And that‘s not something we want to see happen.

Here are a few rules to remember before taking a dive:

1. If your extensions seems to tangle or shed easily prior to you swimming...DON’T risk swimming with any extensions that is doing this.

2. I’d suggest pulling all your hair up into a high bun (detangle first) and then hop in the water.

3. Be careful if you have color treated hair or try to put your head under beach water because of the salt. Salt typically dry stuff up and your hair is no exception.

4. Play it safe wear a swim cap and stop trying to be so cute if you truly don’t want to end up with hair issues after your pool/beach play time.

5. You can coat your hair with a leave in conditioner prior to getting in the water then detangle, braid, or put in a high bun.

Lastly, if you are unsure of what to do or afraid of what might happen to your hair/extensions just don’t get your hair wet at all. Also if your hair is in a fragile state, dry, brittle, damaged, the pool or beach water will just make it worse.

When unsure....stay above water.


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