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Does Microlinks Cause Hair Loss?

can microlinks cause hair loss

The number one question when it comes to microlink extension installs is, does microlinks cause hair loss or breakage? Truth is, there are pros and cons to everything in life! Where something may work for one person may not work for the other person.

But before we explore the answer to the question about microlinks: breakage and hair loss, lets explore non-extension related tools that can cause breakage when imporperly used and removed:

  1. Rubber bands and hair ties: As a hair professional, I see more hair wrapped around a hair tie then ever!!! Clients come into the salon with hair ties on and when they remove it, it is quite a bit of hair that has broken off around it. When removing any of these hair tools, be very careful during the removal process. You can also choose to cut the tie or rubberband off as well. I recommend using scrunchies instead.

  2. Bobby pins: This hair tool is reused to hold hair in place. When properly removed, you won't see hair come out with it. But what happens most of the time is that, many people just pull these straight out of the hair, without opening the bobby pin first.

Now back to the microlinks, as mentioned above about the hair tools, they too can harm the hair when imporperly installed or removed. Same is true when wearing extensions. It is important to seek a professional to install the microlinks, to maintain them, and to remove them. This will help prevent hair loss and breakage.

As the extension wearer you have a responsibility to your hair when you are away from the salon. Here are a few tips to help you safely wear microlinks:

  1. Use the right brush on your hair.

  2. Follow hair care guidelines from your stylist.

  3. Follow the rules of braidless.

Want to start your microlink journey with me? Book a consultation with me.


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