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Your Real Hair Can Thrive Wearing Extensions


Wearing hair extensions is not all bad as people make it to be. Yes there are cons to everything, but there can be many benefits to wearing extensions. The key to your hair thriving, is finding the right hair professional and the right hair extension method for you.

Here are a few things that can help your hair thrive:

  1. Seek a hair extension professional that you trust to perform your hair extension service. The first step is finding the right professional for you. One that you can trust to provide you with their professional opinion and advise on which hair extension method will best suit you, your hair, your lifestyle, and your future hair goals.

  2. Seek a hair professional that will help you care for your real hair. This goes back to finding a trusted hair extension professional. Having a trusted hair professional, typically helps to ensure the safety and integrity of your hair while wearing extensions. Typically these type of professionals want to see your hair thrive and advise you on how to help you keep your hair safe with your at home care regime.

  3. Visit the salon for regular shampoos and treatments. Having clean hair and scalp is step one of the process to help with hair care maintenance. Adding treatments to the shampoo service can help prevent and/or help repair some of the damage that may have been caused to the hair, including but not limited to: heat styling, chemical services, or improper tool usage. A thorough shampoo should be done at least every two weeks. If you can 't visit the salon every two weeks you should shampoo and condition your hair at home as outlined by your hair care professional.

  4. Adhere to professional at home care instructions. Typical extension at home care instructions will provide the following information: product use, how to handle the extensions, proper tool use, shampoo instructions, night care, etc.

  5. Have your extensions retightened/maintenance. Depending on the type of extensions you wear they may require special maintenance or retightening maintenance care. Be sure to adhere to those guidelines outlined by your hair extension professional.

  6. Have the same professional that installed your extensions, remove your extensions. This is very important to return back to the professional that installed your extensions for your extension removal. Reason being, the professional that installed them, know how to remove them to help to ensure little to no damage of your hair when the extensions are removed. Note, you must adhere to your removal time guideline for you extensions to help to ensure the safety of your hair as well.

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