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Braidless Sew-In Helps Client With Hair Loss

It’s something about helping to do what seems impossible as noted the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!

When I was first presented with this client

honestly I can say I didn’t know what direction I needed to go in to assist this client and I wasn’t truly sure if I could assist her. But my stylist friend was confident that I could HELP snd I didn’t want to let her or the client down. So I spoke to the client and after speaking with her, she shared her goal for creating an install that worked for her personal hair journey which was to stay away from adhesive, braids, tapes etc, or anything that may prevent the hair restoration journey she’s on. With that being said I thought, “man I was right I won’t be able to help her for sure now, not with so little optionals and little to no hair to work with.” But of course I didn’t tell the client that I said ”I’m sure I can figure something out”, said being a little less confident in myself, but the client never knew that.

Left puzzled on what to do on how to help come close to providing the client with a fuller look than what she had before, I had to put my thinking cap on and I was up for the challenge.

I don’t know about other stylist but this stylist here seek God for wisdom and knowledge on how to best assist me when I’m presented with different challenges I have no clue how to face.

But I was determined to figure out something because my buddy and stylist friend @conecwithlisa was so confident that I could make it better. And I believed this challenge was brought to me by God for a reason and I knew if He presented He would pave the way for me to put the pieces to the puzzle together and of course He delivered.

After thinking things over, the no-braid, Braidless Sew-in method came to mind. But when the client came for her appointment I was yet still a little challenged with the best way to install the hair using the braidless sew-in method to make the hair appear fuller yet look natural. Once I finally figured out the best install direction to go in it was on from there. After the hair was installed the client was happy with the results and she hadn’t even made it to the finish line yet.

After finishing up with her cut and style by Lisa she came back with such a big smile on her face like, thank you God for this. I’m so happy that we were able to assist her with giving her, her confidence while she’s awaits her results of her hair restoration journey.

Just remember, don’t take hair for granted because at some point it just may not grow back!

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Shear Master @conecwithlisa on cut/style

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