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Hair Love File: The Double Processed

This is a story of a lady who hair may not appear too bad off but in reality breakage was occurring. She consulted with me initially to get extensions added for length and fullness, and extensions we added.


As we begin our relationship together I learned more and more about her hair history and begin to understand why her hair was having setbacks. The combination of past hair services that she had double chemical and extreme heat was showing its face and causing her hair to break off.


When we first begin our journey together she was between having salon visits with me and her other hairstylist. I encouraged her to at least allow me to care for her hair while she wore the extensions and she finally agreed.


Under my guidance I begin to have conversations with her and expressing what to let go of for her hair. As we built our relationship more and more she begin to trust me. Fast forward, she developed a safer hair routine while wearing braidless extensions. As a result, her hair begin to grow and thrive.



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