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I-Tip Extensions

What are I-Tip Extensions? What are they used for?

I-tip Extensions are several hairs that are loosely mended together using a shoe string tip method. The I-tip extensions are used to help create a more flexible extension install that mirrors the movement of your natural hair that grows out of your head. The install method of the I-tip Extensions is similar to that of fusions but without the use of glue.

The I-tip Install method may be referenced to as: Cold Fusion, I-Tip Install, Microlinks, or Strand by Strand to name a few. With the I-tips NO HEAT, NO GLUE, NO THREAD, NO TAPE is used when installing this hair.

When properly installed, maintenanced, and removed, the I-tip, Microlink Install is typically safe and causes little to no damage to your natural strands. This install creates little to no tension on the scalp area and it’s great for those tenderheads that hates traditional sew-ins or braids to help enhance their mane.

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