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I Took His Advice

As a woman so much is thrown at you and on you and nothing seems to “let up”, leaving you feeling overworked, underpaid, under appreciated, overwhelmed and the list could go on. But after chatting with my husband about my built up feelings he gave so great advice. He said:

” You know why women tend to feel so pressed and stressed and men don’t? It’s because most men tend to keep some part of their child-like tendencies with them like; playing video games, shooting pool, basketball etc.”

My comeback was:

”Well yeah they do but if women don’t do what they do half the stuff won’t get done. And the world have such high standards placed on women ...feed the chil-ren, clean the house, go to work, get a promotion, make doctors appointments...just straight out be SUPER WOMEN and men...” (feel in your own blank on that one lol.)

After talking with him I felt a little better but after the convo I said you know what (we rarely do this as women) but I’m going to take him up on his advice. I’m going to start getting out of my routine on a regular and just LIVE. Everything and everyone else would be a’ight.

To start Tuesday, I took my daughter to the park and we stayed almost two hours. I told myself I would just embrace the moment and put this dang phone down (was only on it about 10 minutes) and not answer any calls, text, email, social media, media media, or whatever and just let my mind be. I watched her play and enjoy her life care free and I enjoyed the Sun and watching her. Towards the end of our time there (when the other kids begin to leave) I joined in the fun and spinned myself around, took flight on the swing, I even went down a slide.

Oh the priceless joys of being a kid and living free.

Are you stressing? Are you overwhelmed? I encourage you to take the time this weekend and just BE!

BE without your phone for 30 minutes.

BE by yourself for 30 minutes to an hour.

BE thought free of work.

BE thought free of worrying.

BE relaxed. (Whatever that means to you)

....most importantly...

BE still and know that GOD is GOD even He took time to rest and still managed to do the work that needed to be done. After all the work Jesus had done even he had to get away from the disciples and the crowds to be alone and recuperate.

When we are cared for we can care for others.


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