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Meatfree Breskfast Scramble

I wouldn’t classify myself as a vegetarian because I still have my share of seafood, but I don’t eat other meats. And sometimes that makes figurinng out breakfast that much harder. But what I‘ve found that works me is that I had to get rid of the idea of the traditional American breakfast. You know the one that has biscuits, sausage, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, smoked salmon, and all the other things that are high carbs and high in fat.

With my whole diet switch after my Thyroid diagnose I learned I needed to steer away from gluten, dairy, and switch to sweet potatoes. 🤮 I only considered sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving you know inside a sweet potato pie with the crispy pie crust edges. And I may had gluten daily because I love bread. So how in the world was I going to have breakfast without my faves knowing I dropped meat from my diet? So what work for me is breakfast scrambles.

I typically make my breakfast scrambles with some or all of the following: squash, broccoli, kale, red onions, and sweet potatoes. My favorite seasoning mixture is salt, basil, sage, tumeric and garlic. Here and there I’ll through in Quorn Meatfree Sausage links and ade a gluten free muffin on the side (pictured is Udi’s muffin). Thanks to Kroger I was able to grab a free jug of Tropicana to wash it all down. Mostly I have a cup of green tea or water to reduce my sugar intake.

Cheers to a meatfree & gluten free breakfast.


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