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Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage Scamble

Back on my healthy lifestyle again and one thing that has always kept me full and away from bread breakfast was a good ole veggie loaded scramble.

Scrambles are like stir frys but for breakfast. You can load them with anything you can imagine and eat up! I like breakfast scrambles because they are my guilt free breakfast and it’s the best way for me to start my day with a mouth full of vegetables and it’s quick! When I take the time to make breakfast scrambles it keeps me full longer and ultimately I begin to drop some unwanted pounds in the process.

To help me be successful in ensuring I eat breakfast and a healthy one, I meal prep most of the scramble in advance. On any particular day I prep and cut all the fresh veggies that I will add in my scramble for the week. I typically sort the veggies in containers that last me about four days for the week. I don’t do all seven because I leave room on the other days to switch things up so that I don’t get tired of the same ole foods. After I have placed the uncooked vegetables in the containers I put them in fridge. So when I’m ready to cook breakfast all I have to do is oil the pan, season the veggies add in my meatless Sausage (or not) and some sweet potatoes.

In about ten minutes. Breakfast is served!


Sweet Potato

Yellow Squash

Red Onions


Beyond Meat Sausage




Basil (heavy)


Minced Garlic

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