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Tick Tock...Gain An Hour On The Clock

t i c k... t o c k

Who could use another hour in the day? You can right? Me too.

I've learned how to gain some time back in my day and wanted to share with you. If you're like me you don't hate laundry you just hate doing it and all the steps associated with it:

  1. separating the clothes

  2. washing the clothes

  3. drying/hanging clothes to dry

  4. folding/hanging clothes

  5. putting the clothes away

Okay so it's not like you can shy away much from steps 1-4 but what I'm about to share about step 5 could change your life and get your time back. It even had me laughing, literally, as I decided last Sunday that I wasn't going to stress over putting away my laundry any longer. So here's what I did....I skipped the folding I just put them away.

Yep I stuffed the clothes right in the drawers skipping the folding part. For me in my house, majority of the time the clothes end up in the drawers unfolded anyway by the time you pick through them trying to find something to wear so...hey, why waste time folding what will be unfolded in a second. Makes no sense right or no need to waste time folding? So get some time back in your life by leaving alone those things that don't make sense and focusing on those things that do. You'll find that you will have one less thing to stress over.


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