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Hair Love File: The Braid Wearer

This is the story of a young girl who hair had been damaged, especially around the edges due to wearing braids and not having enough hair TLC. In just a few months of working with me and following my professional at home care this young girl edges begin to thrive again.

There are several reasons outside of just wearing braids that may have pose damage to this child’s hair. But at the end of the day braids is not the culprit alone. Lots of times, people wear braids and never properly care for their scalp or hair.

Most tend to wear braids for an extended period of time, pushing them well past their expiration date to remove the braids. This issue could have very well been caused by the braid being too tight. As a braid wearer it is important for you to notify the braider of any tension issues you may experience.

This is Her Hair Love Story.

Wear Responsibly

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