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Microlinks Retightening Maintenance Guideline

THERE are dangers in either waiting too long to remove any hair extension install, where it be braids, a sew-in, tape-in extensions, or microlink extensions, I-Tip or weft. There are also dangers in not having your microlinks/braidless installed maintenance in a timely manner if you desire to wear them longer. Different factors aid in when removal or retightening maintenance is required. Some of the factors are: lifestyle, at home care, hair growth rate, and/or hair texture; fine, medium, or course.

It’s important to carefully follow the removal and maintenance guideline from your stylist to help ensure the integrity of your hair while wearing microlinks/braidless extensions or any type of hair extensions.

Think of this, a rope is weakened the more weight that’s pulling at it so is the case when it comes to your hair as new growth comes in and the extensions grow further away from scalp! So removal or maintenance is vital to avoid possible snapping your hair at the root or other type of breakage.

Don’t wait too long or too long could be too late and your hair could suffer from it.

Your Retightening guideline:

😏YOU EARLY- Maybe can go another 2 weeks. 🙂ON TIME- You followed my advice just right.

☹️TOO LONG- NOW you know I told you to come in 3-4 weeks sooner 😡!!!


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