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Working Out With Your Press Out

When it comes to hair and working out some women tend to care more about their hair than working out. It’s not because the woman don’t care about their body it’s because society has created a place we are women feel they should look good all the time and it starts with their hair.

Yes our hair is our crown and glory but we must showing our bodies more love too. How can you do this? By finding ways to maximize your look, your hair, while working out your body. Here are a few tips to consider when working out with your press out.

  • Get your hair pressed and curled instead of completely straight or feathered. Curls can help to hide puffy roots that may happen after working out.

  • Before you workout pin curl or roller set your hair so that your curls may stay in tact. Don’t remove the pins until your scalp has completely cooled. Be sure to tie your edges down to avoid wanting to apply heat after working out. Heat and sweat don’t mix and sill cause your hair to burn and eventually break.

  • Switch up your hair style. Try fun looks with your curls as your hair gets older, you don’t have to go for just having them all down all the time. Experiment with your hair girl.

  • Ask your stylist for help on perfecting your pin-up hair routine for better curl results.

  • Get to working out!


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