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Boss Mom-firmations

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything you can to be there for your kids every moment? You even go above and beyond to please them yet you still have the mom guilt when you can’t be there? Yes, that’s right, I know that mom guilt too but I’ve learned to get over it.

Being a career mom, boss mom or whatever title you would like to put on it comes with challenges of trying to balance being a good mom and having a career. Although many want to have a family and a great career truth is, combining the two can be rewarding yet it’s not what we imagine it to be in our minds. You learn that you are constantly having to make sacrifice after sacrifice from either end, with your job or your family.

At times you may even feel you sacrifice being with your children more to handle the demands of your career or vice versa. But there is one thing that is for sure if you‘re a great mom, YOU’RE A GREAT MOM who’s only trying to do what’s best for her children and career. So if you’re a BOSS MOM who does pretty good with juggling your career and family life, yet your struggle with mom guilt because you can’t be their for your children’s every moment, then these MOM-firmations are for you.


...the action or process of affirming that you’re a great mom.

I am still a great mom if I...

don’t cook dinner for my family tonight.

don‘t do the laundry today.

don’t go grocery shopping this week.

don’t clean my house.

forget a dentist or doctor’s appointment.

miss a school function or recital.

want to have some alone time.

want to wine and chill.


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