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Does Microlinks Damage Your Hair???

Many people wonder “does the microlink techniques cause damage to the hair?” First lets explore what microlinks are. Microlinking is a hair weaving method that allows hair extensions; weft or I-tip hair, to be secured to a natural head of hair by way of linking using a special bead and tools. This method doesn’t require the use of any hair glue or adhesive to secure the extensions to the hair.

As a potential client desiring to inquire about the microlink methods, you may find yourself a bit confused as to what Microlinks are because it is often referred to as the actual hairstyle and the technique. Therefore, when you are inquiring about this service be sure that the stylist brings you in for a consultation to dicuss which microlinking method will best fit your hair needs and your budget.

Now on to if the microlinks method will damage your hair???? Truth is anything added to your hair: extensions, braids, chemicals pose some damage risk to the hair, but there are ways to minimize those risk. Here are a few guidelines to follow to minimize damage to your hair while wearing Microlinks.

  1. Find a professional that is experienced in the microlink technique. Read their reviews, follow them online and review their content and customer comments.

  2. Book a consultation appointment with the stylist of your choice to get further background information on the method and to see if this method is the right fit for you.

  3. Once you are wearing the Microlinks it is up to you, the wearer, to keep up with your hair care at home ensuring to wrap or pin hair up your hair nightly.

  4. Be careful not comb or brush roughly or hard at the point where your hair and the extensions connect.

  5. Follow a bi-weekly salon visit or whatever is recommended by your stylist to help monitor the process and to address any possible home care maintenance issues.

  6. Lastly you must stay on schedule with your Retightening Maintenance appointments as outlined by your stylist. See guide here.

Remember when wearing adding anything to your hair don’t become addicted, don’t overdue it and find great balance between home and professional hair care. Also understand while wearing any extensions your hair will still go through its natural growth, shedding and resting phases. During the removal of extensions the hair that shedded during that time and was trapped will then be combed out of the hair.

Check out this microlink removal here.


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